I Am

This is the exact reason I created my sheSTRENGTH App. For women. By a woman. The sheSTRENGTH mission is to help women gain their strength, renew their sense of confidence, and find their ROAR – all from their own living rooms or garage gyms.

I feel that any woman who embraces her strength…who values her worth…who sets a boundary around her health as important… who finds her community and support from a coach who understands….

Cannot be stopped!

I am a wife and mom to 3 from central Kansas.

I was given the name Home Gym as a CrossFit Athlete. I was the only competitor who did not belong to a gym. I was the only competitor who worked out at home by myself. It worked better for me for many reasons, mainly being my family. I retired from competing at a high level a few years ago when God spoke to my heart about pursuing something bigger. I designed an app to help women reach fitness goals beyond their imagination–training at home. No gym memberships needed.

You can gain muscle and get into amazing shape with a set of dumbbells and a prescribed program. And a determination to do so! The days of dancing in front of a TV for fat loss are over.

I am changing the game. The rules. And breaking stereotypes of home fitness. It’s CrossFit meets motherhood. Meets strength training. Meets gains. Meets BA women ready to take on the world!

“Before Anna, I’d never worked with a personal trainer. It’s so great having someone already thinking it all out, like what the target goals were for each workout. Before, I would spend loads of time lifting, and not accomplishing as much as I do with her workouts. I get more done in 30-40 minutes than I was doing in an hour of lifting!”

Whitney Asher, She Strength Warrior


29.95/month* (with EFT)

I’ll send you a template of workouts that can be done anywhere, at any time with just a few sets of dumbbells, a band, and a foam roller. Most workouts are 30 to 45-minutes or less. Video demos’ are provided for each workout. I will coach you through the movements via my online private client community.

  • Access to the sheSTRENGTH App Portal featuring 1000+ Coaching Tutorials/Videos
  • 1 Private Check-In with Anna to manage progress/troubleshoot struggles to reach your initial goals
  • Monthly Calendar with Weekly Structured Schedule for Workouts
  • Nutritional Check-In with MyFitnessPal/sheSTRENGTH App Connection
  • Personal Development/Mindset Training Course

SheSTRENGTH Consultation + 2-Week Learn to Lift Course


  • 1-hour initial consultation with Anna, via video or in-person
  • Movement analysis for customized programming
  • Goal-setting
  • Metabolic scan to determine metabolism and nutrition programming
  • 2-Week Learn to Lift Course to go over beginning movements, safety in lifts via the app
  • 2-Week Access to LIVE Follow-Along Workouts with Anna Woods, owner of sheSTRENGTH with 24/7 playback access