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I am a wife and mom to 3 from central Kansas.

I was given the name Home Gym as a CrossFit Athlete. I was the only competitor who did not belong to a gym. I was the only competitor who worked out at home by myself. It worked better for me for many reasons, mainly being my family.I retired from competing at a high level a few years ago when God spoke to my heart about pursuing something bigger. I designed an app to help women reach fitness goals beyond their imagination–training at home. No gym memberships needed.

You can gain muscle and get into amazing shape with a set of dumbbells and a prescribed program. And a determination to do so! The days of dancing in front of a TV for fat loss are over.

I am changing the game. The rules. And breaking stereotypes of home fitness. It’s CrossFit meets motherhood. Meets strength training. Meets gains. Meets BA women ready to take on the world!


“I’ve been working with Anna for over a year. I have learned so much, not just about strength training, but many areas. Mindset, health, nutrition, etc. If you are willing to put in the work, she will be there to help you!”

Susan – Facebook Review


sheSTRENGTH App Programming

$29/month* (with EFT)

I’ll send you a template of workouts that can be done anywhere, at any time with just a few sets of dumbbells, a band and a foam roller.  Most workouts are 30 to 45-minutes or less.  Video demos’ are provided for each workout.  I will coach you through the movements via my online private client community.

Join the sheSTRENGTH squad from anywhere in the world! Best for those needing workout accountability but have the self-discipline to do the workouts on his/her own. (the first month is $65/movement analysis, app set up, and consultation).

  • Basic Template: $20/month
  • BASE: Beginner, new to exercising, post-natal/pre-natal (3-5 days)
  • RISE: Intermediate, more days of workouts, more volume, skills (5 days)
  • ENDURANCE: Strength/Core, injury prevention exercises for runners/triathletes, etc
  • sheSTRENGTH Programming: $34/month* (with EFT)
  • Programming /workouts change weekly (5-days) and are same as barn gym class workouts, more equipment needed, additional program days for weaknesses

*(only $20/month for those purchasing punch cards for class)

  • Basic Template + Nutrition Accountability: $55/month
  • Customized Templates: Specific Skills/Goals+Coaching (satellite)/Video Chats LIVE: $120/month
  • Daily workouts with coaching videos
  • Access to our private online coaching community
  • Private small chat group for added accountability
  • Weekly-check in’s
  • 1 video chat a week with a coach, 24-hour messaging access with a coach
  • Drop-in 2 times a week at a LIVE class

sheSTRENGTH Barn Gym Classes

$125 / month

Attend classes at our barn gym with other women, like yourself, working to get stronger inside and out.  Class sizes are 3-8 people.  We focus on lifting safely, effectively, and smart.

Classes are four times a week lasting 1 hour.

sheSTRENGTH Personal Training Sessions

$50 / 1-hour session, $35 / 30-minute session

Personalized training sessions customized to fit your needs, injuries, aches, pains or goals.  1 hour in length at my barn gym.  Sessions are available Tuesday/Thursday’s by appointment only.

SheSTRENGTH Small Group Personal Training

$35 / 1-hour session or $280 / 10 sessions

Small group personal training sessions of 2-3 clients, set up for a more private setting with specific assistance to individual needs/goals.  Sessions are available Tuesday/Thursday’s by appointment only.

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