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Why Your Female Athlete is TIRED.

Culprit: Low iron, Low B12, Low Vitamin D

I experienced this phenomenon with my own teenager last year after weeks of yelling at her to get out of bed. Quit acting so mindless. Quit sleeping so much.

THE KID WAS NOT FUNCTIONING. And I kept pegging it on being a lazy teenager. 


We had her bloodwork done and her iron/ferritin levels were in dangerously low zones. In fact we were called in immediately for iron infusions to get her levels up as soon as we could.  

And then I felt like bad mom. HA! Oops. She had been complaining about being tired, winded all the time, extremely sleepy, and achy, horrible menstrual cycles and heavy bleeding.  And now it all makes sense as to why. She was extremely low on iron and wasn’t absorbing it well.

We immediately started her on some supplements (LISTED HERE)  to get it going again, and she (AND I) noticed immediately improvements in her energy, her oxygen levels, etc.

YOU CAN READ MORE HERE ABOUT HOW WE GOT STARTED: https://blog.insidetracker.com/professional-athletes-focus-biomarkers

To get your own child’s levels checked AND 25% OFF TESTING to improve her/his athletic performance, energy levels, etc. inquire here, and we can improve your child’s energy, athletic performance and recovery! 

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