sheSTRENGTH Raises Money for BrightHouse/Kansas

Strong women helping Strong women.

At BrightHouse, we work to bring victims of abuse into the light. We help those we serve shine, and work towards a brighter future for our community where no one will ever experience the pain and darkness of abuse, again.  BrightHouse services keep survivors who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking safe through our crisis line, emergency shelter, safety planning, legal advocacy, supervised parenting time, and links to community resources.

What: Push/Pull/Row to Raise Money and Bring Awareness to BrightHouse

Cost: $35 minimum donation/Includes T-shirt/Entry into 3 events

When: January 1, 2021, Starting at 1 pm CST*

Deadline to enter is: 12/18/20 to get a t-shirt. Online entries open up 12/31/20 at 1 pm CST.

Online entries are due: 1/1/21 by 1 pm CST

*All sheSTRENGTH current members will be assigned times to lift to limit the number of people in the gym at one time.  And we encourage everyone else to lift at home and submit your video so we can judge the result.  All participants will be asked to wear a mask when not competing.


Where: sheSTRENGTH by Anna Woods Fitness OR compete online via video submission (rules to follow for those submissions)

How: Compete in your weight class in 3 different events:

Register HERE:

Lift Up Brighthouse

    Please select which weight class you will be lifting at. Note, we will be weighing you in when you arrive.
  • Please record any injuries/medical conditions that could affect your lifting.
    Please choose one.
  • I have filled out this information to the best of my knowledge and believe all written answers to be true. Please sign the form below after reading through the Waiver of Liability form.
    I understand I have enrolled in a program of strenuous physical activity including but not limited to aerobic dance, weight training, stationary bicycling, and the use of various strength equipment. I hereby affirm that I am in good physical condition and do not suffer from any disability that would prevent or limit my participation in this exercise program.

    In consideration of my participation in Anna Woods Fitness LLC exercise program, I, for myself, my heirs and assigns, hereby release Anna Woods Fitness LLC (its employees and owners) from any claims, demands, and causes of action arising from my participation in the exercise program. I fully understand that I may injure myself as a result of my participation in this exercise program, and I hereby release Anna Woods LLC from any liability now or in the future, including, but not limited to heart attacks, muscle strains, pulls or tears, broken bones, shin splints, heat prostration, knee/lower back/ foot injuries and other illness, soreness, or injury, however caused, occurring during or after my participation in this exercise program.

    Anna Woods Fitness LLC has recommended that I consult a physician before I engage in any physical exercise program. I acknowledge that I have done so or that I have chosen not to consult a physician but will begin the exercise program on my own accord.

    I hereby affirm that I have read and fully understand the above.

Contact/Questions Info: Email  or with questions or call sheSTRENGTH at 620-877-7503

More About BrightHouse:

24-Hour Crisis Line – 620.663.2522

To learn more about shestrength, visit: