Running position we want to recreate for lifting

Upper Body Strength for Runner’s**

I’ve been working with several women who LOVE running, but want to add strength training to their weekly routine to maintain upper body strength.
We have discussed how running has specific movement patterns and we should coordinate strength movements to better build those patterns. For example, bench press with single arm in running position on one’s back, BETTER mimics running, as opposed to your typical barbell bench press with 2 arms and legs on the floor with the back arched. (shown below)
This does not mimic running motion
Running position we want to recreate for lifting


Instead try the movement described in the video above. 3 x 8 per arm. Keep back flat, and pressing arm at 45* angle between your ribs and shoulder.
**Added note, many of these principles I learned from Dr. Jared Shoemaker, inMotion Spine Muscle Joint ( that are derived from DNS, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability.
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