More than just abs and back, so it must be trained this way.


  • Contract the diaphragm by thinking of pushing the abs out in a 360 manner. Front, sides and back. Then stiffen the core against this outward pressing force.
  • IAP toward the back actually has a decompressing effect on the entire spine (see slide 2 & 3 good vs. bad)


  • Commonly we only create pressure toward the front. This leaves the lower back arched and creates excessive tightness in the lower back muscles thereby compressing and loading the spine. (see slide 4)
  • -Sucking in your stomach inhibits the diaphragm and actually destabilizes the spine. Avoid cues such as drawing in, pulling the belly button to the spine, or sucking in for cosmetic reasons.  (see slide 2 & 3 good vs. bad)

Neutral Spine 

-Neutral spine must be achieved with proper intra-abdominal pressure. Think about sealing the low back into the ground as if someone is trying to slide their fingers under you back. Do not let them.  (see slide 4) -At the same time pull the ribs down while also spreading wide through the ribs and shoulders. When doing this it is easy to round or hunch the mid and upper back. Avoid this by spreading wide through the ribs and shoulders.

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