These are good vs. bad visuals of the exercises we are having you complete each day.  Results of these exercises is dependent upon 360 degree abdominal pressure and neutral spine. 

I. 3-Months Position–Back flat like a table. Do not shrug shoulders, keep them relaxed on the floor.

2. 6-Months Position–  Back flat like a table.  Shoulders  relaxed and down.  Get “big” through the rib cage, spreading it out to the sides.  Make sure the entire hand is pressed into the floor equally on both sides.

3. Side Bridge Up’s– Back flat like  table. Shoulders and hips stacked directly on top of each other.  Keep ribs stacked evenly over hips, do not let the rib cage sag to the floor as you lift your hips up and down.

4. Hollow Rocks/Holds– Back flat like a table against the floor.  Hands are extended directly out from the shoulders, ears near elbows.  Initiate movement from the core, as you begin rocking forward and backward, do not let the back flatten out.

5. Mountain Climbers: Back flat like a table. Equal load in both hands.  Shoulders down, “get big” through the rib cage by expanding it out to the sides.  Draw knee up and slowly rotate through mid-back/hips as you rotate your knee under your torso.

6. Torso  Tilts–Stand tall through both feet. Press fingers into the abdomen and create and maintain pressure against your fingers as you lean side to side.  As you lean right, press through left foot. Lean left, press through right foot. 

7. Bird Dog—Back flat like a table.  Hands equally loaded.  Shoulders down. Get “big” through the rib cage.  Hands are directly under the shoulders, and knees under the hips. Do not let the torso lean or hips drop as you extend your arms and legs.  Keep hips and shoulders square to the floor as you move.

Welcome to the sheStrength Squad

Please fill out the information below to the best of your knowledge. And we will get started! I can NOT wait to meet you and introduce you to our sheSTRENGTH Squad. Ready to gain new confidence and strength?? Let’s do it. See you soon, Anna