The Gift of Kennedy

Developing her own voice for sheSTRENGTH


The thing we can never get back and never seem to have enough of.

For most women, we are constantly juggling multiple tasks, schedules, keeping tabs on all the humans under our care, and maybe, just maybe, finding a breath or two for ourselves.

However, time is what it takes to create change. Time is what we need to give ourselves when choosing to take a path to better health.

Time is what both Kennedy and Gleysha give.

While everyone knows Anna as the face, voice and founder of sheStrength, most don’t know or experience the gift that is Kennedy. For well over a year, Kennedy has been assisting and helping run group workouts at the barn. Under the great leadership of Anna, Kennedy has developed her own voice and drive for helping the sheStrength community. This came with time.

“Kennedy in comparison to Anna is very direct. She’s the extra push and motivation I need to lift the extra weight or to finish the work out,” remarked Gleysha. 

On Gleysha’s journey to wellness and health, having Kennedy as an instructor was just the kind of motivation she needed.  Gleysha had to find time amongst her busy schedule of working and being a mom. She had to give herself time to do what she needed, which was to recharge. sheStrength became that for Gleysha.

Gleysha and Kennedy, while in two different roles, have traveled down the path together, both experiencing growth.

“I remember when Kennedy first started leading the group workouts. She was a little timid, and somewhat distracted at times because of all that she was balancing in life, but now she’s focused. It’s the one-on-ones with her that I enjoy the most, even when I really don’t want to listen to her,” admitted Gleysha. 


Accountability is one of the many things you can experience in the sheStrength community. It’s holding you to the promise you make to yourself and then being compassionate when failure happens. “It’s the time that people like Kennedy take to instruct and assist in educating me, so I see success. Since starting with sheStrength I have lost over 35 pounds, but more importantly I feel good about myself and have more energy to do life. That is worth the time investment, always,” expressed Gleysha.

Anna and Kennedy make a great one-two combination in the program. For as compassionate and empathetic as Anna is, Kennedy provides the stubborn determination with a burst of fun energy. “Through my time with sheStrength, it has been so fun to watch Kennedy grow and make an impact on myself and other people. This is the place I recommend to everyone. You are accepted here, and people grow alongside you. Just give it your time.” 


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