Anna Woods

Weightlifting Safety and Mechanics

Who This Course is For..The coach who has to do it all.Learn MoreWhat You Can Expect to Learn… Learn MoreHands-On Workshop & Lecture4-Hour Course 2 hours lecture 2 hours in weightroom with hands-on applicationLearn MoreHow Lifting Weights with Bad Form Can Cause InjuryVisuals of how the growing spine is affected

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Learn to Lift
Anna Woods

A New Lifting Idea for Tennis

Trying out a variation of Landmine Cossack squats, today. . Try and rotate through torso, keep hips square and spine stiff through abdominal pressure. Load foot fully into the floor.???? . I competed 5×5 per side. I had my #tennis and #softball athletes in mind with this movement variation. Can’t

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Welcome to the sheStrength Squad

Please fill out the information below to the best of your knowledge. And we will get started! I can NOT wait to meet you and introduce you to our sheSTRENGTH Squad. Ready to gain new confidence and strength?? Let’s do it. See you soon, Anna