Softball Strength: How to Build Arm Power

This is a sample of a landmine press variation I learned from Athlete Enhancement  that challenges the upper body in a new way, PLUS it’s a great way to make a team workout efficient in an hour’s time.  I used this exercise as part of a the team training I’ve put together for the Hutchinson Community College Blue Dragon’s softball team, this fall.  It is part of a station of exercises I had the athlete’s alternate through in groups of 3-4.

How to set it up:

Place the barbell at shoulder height from a half-kneeling position.  Place the barbell in one hand, opposite the foot that is flat on the floor.  Keep hips stacked evenly, low back flat, and shoulders even across.  Don’t let the back arch as you press the barbell overhead, keep equal load in the foot on the floor.

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