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Busy Professional Finds a Way to Stay Fit

Whitney Asher had been active nearly her whole life, but after college, a busy schedule pushed fitness to the back burner.

[porto_blockquote]“After college, I fell into some poor health routines. I fell out of shape. I made some good efforts on my own to lose weight and get back in shape, but I didn’t want to have to think about what to do.”[/porto_blockquote]

Whitney found out about SheStrength by Anna Woods Fitness through a friend, and began following her on Facebook.

“I have a friend that shared some stuff of Anna’s on Facebook. We would do a weeklong challenge together, that sort of thing. I followed Anna online for a long time, more than a year, before signing up for the app. I thought it was something that probably wasn’t affordable for me. But I was wrong!”

Whitney was finishing up her masters degree, working full time, and raising children; she didn’t want to commit to something if she didn’t have the time and money to follow through.

“I didn’t want to put in the financial commitment, not knowing if I could stick with it and follow it. I was mainly just running because I didn’t have to think about it, but I was getting bored to death.”

When Whitney finally decided to inquire about membership, she was shocked to find out how affordable it was.

“I decided to ask what the cost of using the app was. I couldn’t believe it! That’s less than a gym membership!”

Armed with a desire to pursue more variety in her fitness routine, Whitney embraced the new resources she found through SheStrength.

“Before Anna, I’d never worked with a personal trainer. It’s so great having someone already thinking it all out, like what the target goals were for each workout. Before, I would spend loads of time lifting, and not accomplishing as much as I do with her workouts. I get more done in 30-40 minutes than I was doing in an hour of lifting!”

More than just the convenience and affordability of the program, Whitney loves the unique approach Anna brings to her fitness journey.

“I really appreciate that it’s not about the scale. At one time, I used to worry about that a lot, but it’s not the best picture of your overall health. In fact, I weigh the same or maybe a little more now, but I feel so much stronger, and there’s a focus on safety and doing proper lifting. I think it’s a great approach. It’s really effective for a lot of people!”

So, what’s Whitney’s advice to busy professionals and moms like her?

“I do most of these workouts at home. I’m running 12 different directions all the time, but I can manage this on my own time. I have adjustable dumbbells, bands, and a ball, and I can do it all from my basement!”

[porto_testimonial view=”default”]And if that’s not enough, Whitney offers one more benefit to joining the SheStrength by Anna Woods Fitness family:

“I love this community. I get such great feedback and support!”

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