Recap of Developing the 7-12th Grade Athlete

A CEU Course for Coaches, Teachers, PT/PTA’s, ATC’s

45 different coaches, Personal Trainers, Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, and Physical Therapist Assistants, and Teachers from all over the state traveled to Hutchinson Community College October 5 to learn about Developing the 7-12th Grade Athlete in the classroom, on the field or court, and in the office.  From a perspective of injury prevention to performance, Dr. Jared Shoemaker of InMotion Spine Muscle Joint and myself spent 4-hours lecturing and leading a hands-on training in the weight room to discuss the athletic position and how to train it effectively.  

Madi Jenkins, a MS Coach and Teacher at Derby High School shared some of what she learned and applies with her students:  


In this segment below, several coaches and I discuss how to help athletes feel the lower extremity in a squat. We discuss feeling the foot, first–using the big toe. We discuss how running shoes can limit an athlete’s foot in a squat, as well.

In this clip, Dr. Jared Shoemaker discusses how to get into a good athletic position with the goblet squat and what to look for in a good vs. bad position.

Dr. Jared Shoemaker coaches me through how to activate and “feel” my core in a front rack hold position using a barbell. This is a great progression into front squats for athletes of any age.

We have traveled around the state and presented this Personal Development course to various school districts.  If you are interested in hosting us at your school to present to your Health & PE Department, please contact: anna@shestrength.com

Photo’s/Videos by: Observant Kansas Media

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