Virtual Glutes Academy 2: For the Gym



Part 2: Join us for 6-weeks as we work through 6-weeks of the Glutes Academy 2: For the Gym*. Workouts for this series will take 30-minutes and will require the use of equipment such as dumbbells or a barbell, and a cable machine or bands. Each workout will be focused on various areas of the glutes, thigh’s and hamstrings. The goal is defined and lifted glutes by week 6, as well as reduced hip and knee pain.

The workouts will be self-lead via video’s and demonstrations, with 30-Day Challenges available quarterly via our private Facebook group.

Prizes will be awarded for the 30-Day Challenge winner’s who participate all 6-weeks.

**You will be required to have completed Virtual Glutes Academy prior to completing Glutes Academy 2: For the Gym.**


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