blake dillons 11.23.19

An Empath’s Energy

Honesty post here: I get really overwhelmed in busy places. Sometimes when I’m around people or in social events for too long, I get extremely drained of my energy.  In fact, I have to plan non-people times into my week.  I am what some call an empath. I take on other’s emotions and feelings, sometimes, as my own.  And as a result it wears a girl out.  So when we make trips to the grocery store, department stores, ball games, and out to eat on a Saturday, by NOON I’M READY TO SLEEP. Like seriously…I need to sit down and rest because my body/mind/soul is tapped out. Especially after a week of being around and serving people, hands on. To learn more about what I do for a living, go here:

But on this occasion, our last drop-in at the grocery store…(usually my most dreaded stop with all 3 kids, who are tired and hungry as well) I WAS ENERGIZED.  I felt my heart leap out of my chest as the 2 people who checked us out in the grocery store line obliged the desires of my little B-Man’s heart.  He got to check the groceries, the bagger showed him how to bag them correctly, and how to load them in the cart.  He kept saying, “mom! Look!” as he smiled from ear to ear.  The young man ringing up our items asked me if Blake had Down Syndrome, then said, “I’ve had little experience with people with Down Syndrome, but from what I’ve seen you are a blessed mom and people like him must be life-changers.”


It took me a minute to swallow my tears, as I so gratefully agreed.  “Yes sir, yes they are, as you are witnessing just now.” And we watched as several other baggers gathered around our end of the checkout line and cheered Blake on with high-fives and encouragement, as he helped me push the cart out.


So thank you Dillon’s on 30th Street, for helping this momma out of a typically stressful trip, and for the kindness shown by your employees.  It made my little man’s day, and may have just set the tone for a job for him someday.

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