My Fav Amazon Athleisure Wear

My favorite go-to comfy, sporty dress that can be worn with sandals or tennis shoes.

My preference is: MIA Sandals or my navy blue New Balance classics.

I have the blue and black. It has a full-body padded bra and biker shorts with side pockets underneath which is great for a phone or cash/cards on a night-out!

SO lightweight! Only complaint is you have to pull it down from the top to use the restroom! 🙂

Get the Look:




I LOVE this padded bra/tank that can be worn for a cute interview outfit (like shown) or with jeans as a sexy, comfortable night-out attire.  I’ve also worked out in this top a few times.

VERY versatile.
This brand on Amazon, CRZY YOGA has great prices and great gear.

My NEW FAV sports bras!! 

Pad is tied in, and all 1 piece! Slides right in a front pocket from the top.  Goes great as a workout top by itself, or a great t-shirt bra for comfy Saturday afternoons. 


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