Muddy Hutch 5K and Trail Run

My mom, daughter and sheSTRENGTH clients and I got down and dirty at this year’s Muddy Hutch 5K! We tested our abilities to run, climb, jump, and crawl through 20+ obstacles across Fun Valley Sports Complex. It’s always a blast to train and compete with close friends and family, then determine who got away the cleanest and who got shoved in the mud.  I was actually not wanting to do the race, and my mom was hesitant because of her knee replacement, but my daughter, Leah and my friend/client Jen, kept asking us and encouraging us to join them–so by Saturday morning we all obliged–and are so glad we did!  That’s what team is all about.

So proud of these ladies and their efforts today, and preparing for today.  Can’t wait for the next one.

Jen Crane
Anna Run
Leah Mud Run
Mom & Leah Crawl
Post-Race Pic

Pre-Race Run


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