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My Metabolism is Shot...

Learn why and how.

Lose up to 12 lbs in 12 weeks!*

Learn about your metabolism, factors that affect it.  How to maintain and improve it, and fat-burning cardio workouts to implement into your week. All from the comfort of your own home. Nutrition template with recipe’s and snack ideas included. 

*Results subject to differ

My Core is Weak.

Learn the 1 cue to get rid of low belly pooch.

Learn how to get abs without doing a lot of crunches

30-Days of Ab Workouts to Follow. No equipment required.  10 minutes or less a day. 

Get a strong core. 

Remove the flab.

Feel a difference in how your core works.

Experience reduced back pain.

Improve performance in daily activities.

About the Presenter's

Anna Woods is a wife and mom to 3 from central Kansas.

She was given the name Home Gym as a CrossFit Athlete. She was the only competitor who did not belong to a gym. I was the only competitor who worked out at home by herself. It worked better for her for many reasons, mainly being her  family. She designed an app to help women reach fitness goals beyond their imagination–training at home. No gym memberships needed.

Anna Woods, BS, ACE-CPT, CFL1, BES, FAS, founder

You can follow Anna at-Instagram: @shestrength// Website:

Dr. Jared Shoemaker,  is a doctor of chiropractic care at InMotion Spine Muscle and Joint in Maize, KS. He and his wife co-own the business where they both practice. He specializes in assessing and correcting movement patterns for all athletes, to improve joint stability, range of motion, relieve pain, and increase performance and power.

Learn more at- Website:, Instagram: @inmotionsmj

Dr. Meryl Miller, is a Doctor of Chiropractic care at InMotion Spine Muscle Joint in Maize, KS. She specializes in McKenzie Method (MDT) and treatment of pregnant and post-partum women, with emphasis on pelvic floor.
Learn more about their practice at:
Website:, Instagram: @inmotionsmj

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What Other's Are Saying

  • “Before attending your seminar, I couldn’t make it past 3-4 double under jump ropes before feeling like I was going to pee. Right after your seminar, I could do 20, and now I’m am easily doing 55 at a time…”
    • Lisa, Pelvic floor seminar attendee

“It is going so well, since I attended your Pelvic Floor Workshop! I’ve been consistently PR’ing my squats and deadlifts…”

-Jill, CrossFit NorthCloud

“Thank you so much! I’ve been able to run 40 minutes without needing to pee, such a big difference!”

-Whitney, Fleet Feet Core Seminar

“The lifts are so much easier once you learn to breathe right. Now I understand core stability.  I’ve noticed I’m not overcompensating so much in the wrong areas of my lifts, and using the right muscles now!”

-Misti F