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Healthy Snack List for Sports

A list of healthy snack options for kids to eat between games

These are the things I send with my kids

We helped make the healthy snacks list for parents to bring to the school before the girls have any of their sports games.
In the past, I’ve been surprised by the list options— candy, juice, cookies, chips, etc
So this year we made healthy, durable options available. Here are some of the suggestions we put as options for parents to bring.
✔️Cheese sticks
✔️Bottled water
✔️Pineapple juice (potassium)
✔️Cottage cheese + pineapple
✔️Deli meat and bagels
✔️Fruit/Veggie Pouches
✔️Apple Sauce packets
We did still include cookies because who doesn’t love that! 😅 But the majority is focused on energy, health, and regulating a blood sugar rise and drop pre-game.

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