Girls’ Softball & Strength Classes

  • Location: InMotion Spine Muscle Joint 4041 N. Maize Rd Ste 220, Maize, KS
  • Wednesday’s at 5:30 pm/6:30 pm, Friday’s at 3:30 pm/4:15 pm
  • Cost: $100/child, Classes are 45 minutes long, 6 sessions or $200/12 sessions (2x a week)
  • Age 10+ Years of Age
  • Limited Class Size to 5 Participants/First Come, First Serve.
Strength training workouts focused on building rotation power, accessing legs for hip drive, building cardio endurance specific to softball energy systems, a focus on scapular stability and upper body strength, as well.
About the Presenter: Anna Woods Founder of sheSTRENGTH, 18 years’ experience in the fitness/strength industry, Former Collegiate softball pitcher, 3rd baseman (PCC, 2001-03) B.S. Exercise Science, ACE C-PT, BMES, CF-L1, HCC Women’s Softball S&C Coach, sheSTRENGTH,
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