Core for Throwing: Strength Sessions

As part of our Core for Throwing seminars, the past 4 weeks —Dr. Jared Shoemaker and I  have been working through core strength exercises, positions, and breathing patterns to help young softball players/volleyball players “feel” what using her oblique sling should feel like.  From there we helped the girls find ways to challenge this feeling and build strength that translates into power for anything rotational in sport.

Week 1:

Week 1 of working with local athletes to build core strength for pitching, hitting & throwing. The main focus of week 1 was creating pressure and stability through the core.

Week 2:

Week 2 of the Core Strength for Throwing. We focused on anti-rotation movements through the core, using bands and bodyweight. We practiced these movements from patterns we previously worked on like deadbug, bear, and standing squat positions. The girls realized how quickly these simple movements can work in building true core strength by using the Core360 belt to visually demonstrate power output, which we explained will translate into power and reduced injuries on the field.

Week 3:

Everything came together for Week 3 of our Core for Throwing class. The girls began to understand how foot load, Intra-abdominal pressure and core stability relates to power in the rotation of a swing or throw and could feel the difference between when they access that power and when they do not.


Week 4:

Night 4 of the Core for Throwing classes ended with us working on the “feel” of loading the lead leg and loading the drag leg separately using hanging stances.  We wanted the girls to feel how using the core and glute in a connected manner allows full power of the foot load to drive rotation.  This equates to speed and velocity, as well as safety in movement.

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