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Chest Day Workout with a Set of Dumbbells

Give this chest day workout a try. It requires only a set of dumbbells and a chair or bench pushed against the wall.  This is the style of workouts, taken directly from my sheSTRENGTH app, and I’m giving you a chance to try it!

The goal is 5 sets of 5 reps of each. Complete as a superset.

  1. Core Plank + Rotation per Side
  2. Decline Push Ups

  1.  5 Floor Press
  2.  5 Incline Push Ups

Workouts like these are part of what women in my sheSTRENGTH App complete daily.  I provide modifications to each of these movements to best suit your abilities and safety.  Most workouts consist of 30-minutes of strength, skills, warm-up, cool down, and cardio/circuit-style training.  All require a set of dumbbells, a band, foam roller, and a small space.

To inquire more about setting up an initial video consultation with me to go over movements, discuss goals, discuss metabolism, and so much more, fill out this form.

Please fill out this information to the best of your knowledge.  After receiving your information and setting up your payments options for the app or classes with me at the barn, you will receive an email with steps of what to do next. All sales are final.  12 HOUR NOTICE OF CANCELLATION IS REQUIRED or else you will be charged for your missed session.

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