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Getting A Win for Your Clients

When teaching a client a new skill, as a personal trainer, you have to find the perfect balance of challenge and also success. You want to get your client a win! You want the client to be pushed outside his or her normal comfort zone, but also want the skill to be modified enough to be completed within a few tries.  I also tell clients "we are going to get a win today!" This means I am setting you...

Building Strength in Your Driving Leg for Fastpitch

Tess is demonstrating a toe-loading drill in lateral stance.  Implementing the 2nd phase of a pitch, right before take-off and release.  I stole this idea from @Fosterfastpitch on IG. And we have started adding it into your workout routines with various loading patterns.  The concept is learning to load the toe and use the driving legs to force the weight shift through the feet and up the chain, through the glutes/hips.  Toe-loading activates glutes, glutes are POWER.  So learning...

Upper Body Strength for Runner’s**

I've been working with several women who LOVE running, but want to add strength training to their weekly routine to maintain upper body strength. We have discussed how running has specific movement patterns and we should coordinate strength movements to better build those patterns. For example, bench press with single arm in running position on one's back, BETTER mimics running, as opposed to your typical barbell bench press with 2 arms and legs on the floor with the back arched....

Power for Fastpitch

Being a fast pitch softball pitcher involves many elements of athleticism.  One of the biggest pieces of addressing athleticism, and therefore increasing speed of the pitch, relates to power.  Building power in an athlete starts from the ground up.  One of the most overlooked pieces of creating power is foot-load.  The athlete has to be able to create and generate force through proper foot-loading before it can translate and travel up the chain as power and speed.  Any slight...

A Bi’s and Tri’s Workout You HAVEN’T Done Yet

https://youtu.be/XQizywateb0 I am almost positive you haven't tried this workout yet!! If you have a TRX system or 2 straps you can hang over a post or a playground monkey bar set, then you can do this workout. The goal is to complete 3 supersets of 10 curls, 10 tricep extensions. Rest 1 minute and repeat. The key to targeting these 2 muscle groups is keeping neck/traps relaxed and finding the right angle of the torso and feet.  Arms should be...

17-Year Old Gets Her First Bar Muscle Up!

https://youtu.be/6yyDk3eXT6s After a year and a half of working core strength, shoulder stability, and timing, Kennedy, 17, got her first assisted bar muscle up! She has big dreams of competing in CrossFit and we are slowly working our way to that goal! Kennedy follows my sheSTRENGTH programming at home, and at my barn a few days a week. We focused on scap stability, shoulder positioning, grip strength, core control, hip strength/power, pulling strength and positions, and endurance. —— To find out more...

plank ab workout

10-Minute Cardio Calorie-Burner

https://youtu.be/oETmmIXkI4A 10 Minutes, guaranteed to burn the fat away!  You can do it!! I know you are stuck at home. Can't get to a gym. Eating all the carbs. Drinking all the alcohol. Stressed to the max with the kids' homework. Trying to work your own hours for a job. WORKOUTS ARE THE LAST THING YOU ARE MOTIVATED TO DO. But, you know you only have 10 minutes, you feel like crap, don't want to gain anymore weight, and you...

cardio seminar

Cardio for Fat Loss Workout

https://youtu.be/AZ9KC0KCANE I had a lot of people asking me about sample cardio and fat-burning workouts from my article I posted earlier, Cardio Workouts for Fat Loss and Metabolism So to better help you understand, here is a sample, aerobic workout, meaning you work in a lower heart rate for longer periods of time.  "with oxygen" = aerobic--A good guideline to follow is you can still carry a conversation on while doing the workout, but you can only get in 1-2 words at...

dumbbell bench press

Chest Day Workout with a Set of Dumbbells

Give this chest day workout a try. It requires only a set of dumbbells and a chair or bench pushed against the wall.  This is the style of workouts, taken directly from my sheSTRENGTH app, and I'm giving you a chance to try it! The goal is 5 sets of 5 reps of each. Complete as a superset. Core Plank + Rotation per Side Decline Push Ups https://youtu.be/4FIoqcE9D1E  5 Floor Press  5 Incline Push Ups Workouts like these are part of what...

leg workout

1 Band+1 Dumbbell

1 Dumbbell and 1 Band is all you need. Attach your band to the handle of the dumbbell and cup the dumbbell in your hands. Step your feet inside the bottom corners of the band, standing up tall to stretch out the resistance band for tension. Slowly step side to side and forward and backward, not letting the band pull you forward or your feet together quickly. Slowly step side to side and forward and backward, not letting the band...