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5 Living Room Workouts That BURN Calories!

Most people are working out at home to be safe from germs/viruses, and running out of creative ways to stay motivated and in shape with workouts.  Here are a few of my favorite in-home workouts you can do with limited equipment and a small space. All of these workouts take 20-minutes or less to complete. Living Room Workout #1 Equipment needed: 1 Dumbbell/Small Space Workout Description: Complete 3 sets of this entire workout series, in your living room or hallway. Complete...

JUICY Peach Leg Day Burner

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXZTZPP8-iM&feature=youtu.be You may wonder why this workout is called JUICY PEACH, until you try it! ha! This quick chipper will leave your legs and booty on fire...I promise!   Here's how it works: For time complete: 50 reps of dumbbell walking lunges 40 kettlebell swings 30 deadbug heel taps 20 barbell roll out's 10 front squat -------------------- Modifications: Hold a plank for :20 seconds in place of barbell roll out's Hold kettlebell as goblet at chest, instead of using a barbell. --------- Equipment you will need: Kettlebell Dumbbell Mat Barbell * optional/Plates *optional ----------------- For more workout ideas like...

leg workout

A FULL Body Calorie Burning Workout in 10-Minutes

https://youtu.be/aXdjnX7xeOM If you want a full-body, guaranteed to make you sore, 10-minute, workout, KEEP READING. This is a great workout to do in a pinch when you want to combine cardio and strength training.  Plus it targets ab and arms. Here's how it works: Set a timer and keep track of how long it takes you to complete: 3 Sets of- 12 wall balls’, 9 medicine ball sit ups, 6 push ups, 3 toes to bar and 200 m run —— Equipment you will...

At-Home Agility Drill Ideas

https://youtu.be/lku5AsBPCTA We added resistance to the agility drills Ashlyn and I have been working on the past few weeks. We moved from good movement, to increased cardio capacity, to now power and speed. Use sidewalk chalk or duct tape if you don't have a ladder and make 12 squares 2' x 2'.  Wrap a resistance band around your waist for added work. Repeat the movements shown 3x through. For more information about training with sheSTRENGTH: Shestrength.com and click JOIN THE SQUAD.

Muscle Burn: An Arm Workout that Works!

https://youtu.be/yTQJO2ucfho   An upper body circuit to complete when you’re in a pinch. Movements target back, biceps, and triceps! Complete 8 reps of each movement with good form and little rest, 5x through.  Equipment you will need includes: a band, a barbell with plates, and 1 dumbbell.   To receive workouts like this daily to your phone: register at "Join my squad" above and I will email you shortly.

LIVE Q& A: How Long Should a Weight Lifting Workout Last?

https://youtu.be/Ggm_ph68P88 Q: "How long should a strength training workout last?" A: “My clientele usually doesn’t have a lot of time to commit to their workouts so I rarely program over 45-60 minutes start to finish...." Listen for my complete story in this video above. This was part of a series on Instagram (@shestrength) that I had followers ask questions and I answered. To learn more about sheSTRENGTH programming, visit: Shestrength.com

10-Min CALORIE Burner!

The goal of this 10-Minute or less Calorie burner workout is: Core/Push/Pull work under cardiovascular fatigue, we don't want a strong looking core, but we want a core that supports us when we are tired or fatigued as well. Therefore we need to train our core under loads, when we are out of breath, or at the end of a strength session.  So here's a good one to try! Ride 1 mile on Air Assault Bike or Run 1/2 mile...

How To Build Strong Quad’s At Home

You are stuck at home. You feel your quad muscles slowly diminishing as you are limited with the weights you have at-home right now.  Thanks to this viral pandemic. But I'm here to show you how to build strong quads at home! It's a frustration for many to build quad strength, let alone during these stay-at-home order's.  I know a lot of people are still working out at home until Covid-19 settles down again, and it becomes very limiting with...

Home Gym Tour: sheSTRENGTH

https://youtu.be/NnqTfmokHys Home Gym Tour #barngym #homegymtour sheStrength founder, Anna Woods, gives us a tour of her barn gym in rural Kansas where she trains clients, teaches virtual classes and runs her fitness business. In case you were wondering what the inside of my gym space looks like, here's the full tour by Garage Gym Life Media!! I also provide behind the scenes stories about how I acquired a few of my home gym secondhand pieces at garage sales and on...

ACE-Fitness: Take Your Coaching and Training Business Online

https://youtu.be/Q74JO2GSzWw   Amid the shutdowns and mandated closings of public places to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and health coaches are among those whose livelihoods are in uncharted territory (have taken an unexpected turn). In this live webinar, The American Council on Exercise facilitated an engaging discussion with this panel of experts in online coaching to help you quickly convert your business and revenue to an online service model.   Links to each platform: Flight Wellness (https://www.flightlivefitness.com/ No1...