Anna Woods

Summer of sheSTRENGTH 2021

Join us starting June 7, 2021 until July 30, 2021 for  Summer Of sheSTRENGTH. Who: Girls ages 10-18 years of age When: 3-4 days a week, via the sheSTRENGTH App and/OR attend 1 class a week (Wednesday’s at 5 pm at Buhler sheSTRENGTH location for open gym time–and be coached

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Anna Woods

Core for Throwing: Strength Sessions

As part of our Core for Throwing seminars, the past 4 weeks —Dr. Jared Shoemaker and I  have been working through core strength exercises, positions, and breathing patterns to help young softball players/volleyball players “feel” what using her oblique sling should feel like.  From there we helped the girls find

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Welcome to the sheStrength Squad

Please fill out the information below to the best of your knowledge. And we will get started! I can NOT wait to meet you and introduce you to our sheSTRENGTH Squad. Ready to gain new confidence and strength?? Let’s do it. See you soon, Anna