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Everything you NEED TO KNOW About Losing Belly Fat

We are here to clear up the air about everything you NEED TO KNOW about losing belly fat.  It's no surprise that "how to lose belly fat, fast" is one of the top searched Google phrases, every year.  Closely following that is "how to get abs" and "how to lose weight."  These are GREAT questions and ones that we think are often answered incorrectly.  Because the answer's to these questions are multi-layered. So to start off...the suggestions that most fitness...

A New Lifting Idea for Tennis

Trying out a variation of Landmine Cossack squats, today. . Try and rotate through torso, keep hips square and spine stiff through abdominal pressure. Load foot fully into the floor.🔥 . I competed 5x5 per side. I had my #tennis and #softball athletes in mind with this movement variation. Can’t wait to have them try it. https://youtu.be/xe0pd7R62qE  

Softball Strength: How to Build Arm Power

https://youtu.be/T5snLVfZ6hI This is a sample of a landmine press variation I learned from Athlete Enhancement  that challenges the upper body in a new way, PLUS it's a great way to make a team workout efficient in an hour's time.  I used this exercise as part of a the team training I've put together for the Hutchinson Community College Blue Dragon's softball team, this fall.  It is part of a station of exercises I had the athlete's alternate through in groups...

Lunch Hour LIVE with Anna

Join me for 4 Monday's at noon, as I take you through a 15-Min workout routine you can do over your lunch hour with little equipment needed.  Workouts will be posted via Facebook Live!  You will get 24/7 access to the workouts in case you missed them during the lunch hour. Classes are $10/session or $35 for the 4 sessions. Classes start September 14th. Register here: ...

At-Home Agility Drill Ideas

https://youtu.be/lku5AsBPCTA We added resistance to the agility drills Ashlyn and I have been working on the past few weeks. We moved from good movement, to increased cardio capacity, to now power and speed. Use sidewalk chalk or duct tape if you don't have a ladder and make 12 squares 2' x 2'.  Wrap a resistance band around your waist for added work. Repeat the movements shown 3x through. For more information about training with sheSTRENGTH: Shestrength.com and click JOIN THE SQUAD.

Muscle Burn: An Arm Workout that Works!

https://youtu.be/yTQJO2ucfho   An upper body circuit to complete when you’re in a pinch. Movements target back, biceps, and triceps! Complete 8 reps of each movement with good form and little rest, 5x through.  Equipment you will need includes: a band, a barbell with plates, and 1 dumbbell.   To receive workouts like this daily to your phone: register at "Join my squad" above and I will email you shortly.

LIVE Q& A: How Long Should a Weight Lifting Workout Last?

https://youtu.be/Ggm_ph68P88 Q: "How long should a strength training workout last?" A: “My clientele usually doesn’t have a lot of time to commit to their workouts so I rarely program over 45-60 minutes start to finish...." Listen for my complete story in this video above. This was part of a series on Instagram (@shestrength) that I had followers ask questions and I answered. To learn more about sheSTRENGTH programming, visit: Shestrength.com

What Are BETTER Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis?

A: With any injury it is best to seek the guidance of a medical professional. But in terms of how we work to prevent PF in my gym, we focus on diaphragmatic breathing exercises using DNS principles, as well as core stability movements/positions. ——— To learn more about the specific exercises, how to do them, how often do them, etc. visit: shestrength.com

10-Min CALORIE Burner!

The goal of this 10-Minute or less Calorie burner workout is: Core/Push/Pull work under cardiovascular fatigue, we don't want a strong looking core, but we want a core that supports us when we are tired or fatigued as well. Therefore we need to train our core under loads, when we are out of breath, or at the end of a strength session.  So here's a good one to try! Ride 1 mile on Air Assault Bike or Run 1/2 mile...

How to Do a Bar Muscle Up

  How to Do a Bar Muscle Up Visual: Watch the slow motion version of a series of gymnastics skills commonly seen in CrossFit. For this series, we focused on 1 bar muscle up, 1 toes to bar, and 1 kipping pull up.  This slow-motion demonstration shows: how to use the hips for power to drive oneself over the bar. Keeping legs tight and straight to avoid energy leaks Maintaining a hollow rock position through the core and shoulders. A...