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Cardio for Fat Loss + Metabolism: Virtual Barn Gym Series

We’ve all been sitting more. Eating more carbs with added stress. Drinking more alcohol. Worked out less.  And WE ARE ALL FEELING IT. But with the world slowly reopening, we have to put on our work pants, swimsuits, and jean shorts again here soon…so we better kick it in gear by checking our metabolism.  And doing it quickly!  Make sure the workouts you are doing are worth your while and are helping improve your overall health, endurance, and to build strength–all pieces of maintaining the resting metabolic rate.

We will be hosting the 4th Barn Gym Series Class: Cardio for Fat Loss+ Metabolism

  • Learn about your metabolism, how to maintain and improve it, and effective cardio workouts to implement into your week for FAT LOSS! All from the comfort of your own home.*


  • Virtual 1-hour Seminar with LIVE Q&A at the end.
  • Receive the entire Cardio for Fat Loss Protocol: Workouts, Nutrition, Calendar
  • Receive YouTube links to sample cardio workouts for maximum fat-burning
  • *Optional in-office metabolic scan using our exclusive technology
    For those wanting a customized, metabolic scan 1-1, appointments will need to be scheduled in the office.

To sign up to attend, please register here:

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