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Building Strength in Your Driving Leg for Fastpitch

Tess is demonstrating a toe-loading drill in lateral stance.  Implementing the 2nd phase of a pitch, right before take-off and release.  I stole this idea from @Fosterfastpitch on IG. And we have started adding it into your workout routines with various loading patterns.  The concept is learning to load the toe and use the driving legs to force the weight shift through the feet and up the chain, through the glutes/hips.  Toe-loading activates glutes, glutes are POWER.  So learning and experiencing that connection is KEY to doing it on the rubber, during a game.

My cues to her were keep knees aligned over 2nd and 3rd toe, sit back into glutes, “LOAD the glutes” then drive off the big ball of the foot/toe. BE EXPLOSIVE! As front foot lands, soften knee and pull hips through.  We did this drill for 4 sets of 15′, resetting and reloading every time.  I want this to be quality practice, not quantity practice just running through the motions.

Tess is a Senior at Andover High and recently signed as a pitcher with Seminole State College in Oklahoma.

To learn more about strength training for pitching with sheSTRENGTH and Anna Woods, inquire at the form at: shestrength.com

Anna is a former collegiate pitcher.  She has degree in Exercise Science, and a personal-training certification through ACE. She’s been training for 14 years, and trains athletes and women of all ages and abilities online through her sheSTRENGTH app and in her barn-gym in Central Kansas. You can learn more about Anna’s training methods, here.

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