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ACE-Fitness: Take Your Coaching and Training Business Online


Amid the shutdowns and mandated closings of public places to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and health coaches are among those whose livelihoods are in uncharted territory (have taken an unexpected turn). In this live webinar, The American Council on Exercise facilitated an engaging discussion with this panel of experts in online coaching to help you quickly convert your business and revenue to an online service model.


Links to each platform: Flight Wellness (https://www.flightlivefitness.com/

No1 Personal Training (https://no1fitness.co.uk/

Remote Coach (https://remotecoach.fit/

Anna Woods Fitness (https://shestrength.com)
I was honored to be a part of this virtual panel of amazing experts, at the beginning of Covid, to discuss the tips and tricks I use daily in my online fitness business.  How to save time with videoing yourself, what online clients are truly wanting, best software to record videos, platforms to host workouts, and so much more are the topics we discuss in this panel.

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