30-Min Softball Mobility/Conditioning WO

From warm-up to sprints, a quick workout template to follow

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Softball Stations

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Active Stretching: 
• T-Spine Hold x :10 seconds + 10 rotations 
• Adductor Hold x :10 seconds + 10 rotations 
• Hip Flexor Hold x :10 seconds + 10 rotations 

Core Reset’s: 
Anterior/Posterior Pelvic Tilt Drills x 10 Each


Demo 2:

1) On back 
2) 10 Bird Dog Reaches 
3) 10 Standing with Arm Hug 


 ISO Holds: Reaction Game—call out body parts, grab ball 
1) Squat Holds 
2) Split Squat Holds 

Sprint Drills: 
1) Ankle Holds with Heel Up x :20 seconds 


2) Tripod Rocking x 5/leg


3) Tripod Rocking to Ankle Hold x 5/leg 


4) Sprint Push at Wall in 3’s, count reps to 10 


Banded Starts: 3x 
1) 5 Squat Jumps 
2) 10 High Knee Jogs 
3) 5 Broad Jump + 3 baby hops backward 
4) 10 Mountain Climbers 




Chase Game: 1) 3 chase/3 being chased 



Programmed by: Anna Woods,

To schedule Anna to come work with your team or educate your coaches, please email at:



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