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10-Minute Cardio Calorie-Burner

10 Minutes, guaranteed to burn the fat away!  You can do it!! I know you are stuck at home. Can’t get to a gym. Eating all the carbs. Drinking all the alcohol. Stressed to the max with the kids’ homework. Trying to work your own hours for a job. WORKOUTS ARE THE LAST THING YOU ARE MOTIVATED TO DO. But, you know you only have 10 minutes, you feel like crap, don’t want to gain anymore weight, and you desire the endorphin high from good sweat session….


Set your @wetime app to intervals of :45 seconds of work, :30 seconds of rest.
Complete 3 sets of each exercise listed below following that pattern.
1) Shuttle run (:45 seconds of all out sprints/:30 seconds rest) x 3
2) Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks.
3) Lateral Shuffle

Rest! Go about your day. JUST DON’T go grab a donut as a reward.  In fact, while you are on your endorphin high, get out and get your 10000 steps in for today.

Great work.

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